About Me



    Visual Scripting

    Level Design

    Animation Systems

    Audio Systems


    Version Control



    C # Scripting

    Level Design

    Animation System

    Audio Systems


    Blocking out assets







    Level Design

    Animation System

    Audio Systems






    • Gameplay systems in Unity C#, Unreal Blueprints, Godot GDScript

    Level Design

    • From sketches, 2D maps with measurements to asset implementation and building in Unity and Unreal Engine

    Sound Design

    • Interactive Music/Sound for Games with own general systems implemented in Unity/Unreal/Godot engines.
    • Experienced in Sibelius and Ableton Live with various soft synths etc.
    • Trained in Scoring for Full Orchestra, Jazz Bands, Salsa Bands, you name it.



    • 2D illustration and pixel art with old school character animation both frame by frame and cut-out. Familiar with TVPaint, Asesprite, Photoshop.
    • Basic Blender Experience
    • Experienced in 3D assets for level design, UV mapping, Texturing etc.
    • 2D Storyboarding/Animatics


      • Developed games
      • Composed music in many genres, with a speciality for classical full orchestral scores, for games and concerts
      • Made animated shorts, commercials, animatics
      • Been a Board Member in a Corrugated Paper Factory , where I stood in the production line, making boxes
      • Operatic Singer (Yeah, that too!)


      • Game Design at Futuregames 2020-2022
      • Game Design at Forsbergs 2016-2018
      • BA in Music Composition 2010-2013
      • Gotland School of Composition 2008-2009

      I have studied Game Design at Forsbergsskolan in Stockholm, where I prototyped, and worked on several games in various teams, in school projects and beyond trying to learn a lot by doing a lot. I participated in game jams both abroad and in Stockholm. This being the primary thing that led me to developing digital games.

      In 2019 I was part of the Futuregames alumni team(guys that studied before me) that won the first prize at Forsbergs Game Jam for the game Suckable Objects.

      In September 2017, I joined team UMO at the Gamp Camp in Riga as a 2d animator, music composer, and won the innovation prize for combining the arts of music with new peaceful mobile gameplay mechanics.

      I've been using Unity, Unreal Engine and Godot Engine, am used to agile methods such as Scrumm and using Trello, Slack etc. I am used to scripting in C#, Blueprints, and GDScript through own solo projects and student projects.

      Owner of Solo Developer/Freelance Sole Proprietor Company

      Max Robert Studios

      Max Robert Studios is my studio(started 2015) that has developed and published the computer game Adventure in King Caries Land, where I made everything, programming, 2D art/animation, orchestral music and sound design. A total package which is released on Steam. A journey that has been incredibly fun, but also a bit sad. Being a solo developer is impossible! So, it is time to look for a real career opportunity in this industry. :P

      So, currently, I am studying Game Design at Futuregames in Stockholm and looking for an internship in the Gaming Industry.

      Other Stuff I Like to Do

      Before focusing on the gaming scene, and 2d animation, I studied music at KMI in stockholm, played jazz drums and percussion, studied vocal technique for an opera singer for five years, and music composition at Gotlands Tonsättarskola and Malmö Academy of Music where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Music and Arts.

      My alternative orchestral synth music about the adventures of my animated persona Max Robert, Cynthia and Al-got Rythm can be heard on Spotify, Tidal, Itunes and be bought on google play and Band Camp(Link on My Music on top),

      You can hear the first tune in the animated music video Modulate on this site or on Youtube.

      I like playing Squash and Tennis with my friends and have an assorted collection of board games that i play, all too seldom these days, unfortunately.

      Thank you for reading! XD