Game Designer 2D Artist

Music Composer Musician

Max Robert Arnborg



I am a game designer, 2d animator and artist from Stockholm with many skills: developing games, making animated shorts, commercials, composing epic music, and not to mention that I can sing operatic vocal technique too, preferably old American Songbook tunes.

Currently I am developing the computer game Adventure in King Caries Land in Godot Engine 3.1, where I have made everything, programming, 2D art/animation, orchestral music and sound design. A total package which will be released soon on various distribution channels.

I have studied Game Design at Forsbergsskolan in Stockholm, where I prototyped, and worked on several games in various teams, in school projects and beyond trying to learn a lot by doing a lot. I participated in game jams both abroad and in Stockholm. This being the primary thing that led me to developing digital games.

In September 2017, I was part of team UMO at the Gamp Camp in Riga as a 2d animator, music composer, and won the innovation prize for combining the arts of music with new peaceful mobile gameplay mechanics.

I've been using Unity and Godot Engine, agile methods such as Scrumm, plus am learning more scripting in C# and GDScript.

Before focusing on the gaming scene, and 2d animation, I studied music at KMI in stockholm, played the jazz drums and percussion, studied vocal technique for an opera singer for five years, and music composition at Gotlands Tonsättarskola and Malmö Academy of Music where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Music and Arts.

My alternative orchestral synth music about the adventures of my animated persona Max Robert, Cynthia and Al-got Rythm can be heard on Spotify, Tidal, Itunes and be bought on google play and Band Camp(Link on My Music on top),

You can hear the first tune in the animated music video Modulate on this site or on Youtube.

My dream is to combine all of the arts for a gaming platform where we can reinvent art for the 21st Century. Games are the gesamptkunstverk of our century.